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Understanding the History of Vaccine Hesitancy and Our Role in Strengthening Vaccine Confidence

by Ellen Smith Ahern, MSW, Immunization Program Coordinator

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A Look Back: VaxWell NH in 2021

by Ellen Smith Ahern, Immunization Program Coordinator

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Inside NHPHA: Exciting Organizational Developments

by April Mottram, NHPHA Executive Director 

The New Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA) is excited to share that the organization has been awarded a three-year, $300,000 operating grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Community Crisis Action Fund 2021, Community Crisis Action Fund. This funding will provide NHPHA with the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the public health landscape brought about by the pandemic. NHPHA will use operational funding to invest in systems and human resources, including a part-time Advocacy Coordinator to champion public health policy and advocacy, and a part-time Communications Coordinator to develop and implement strategic communications around health inequities. Enhancing infrastructure will enable NHPHA to move towards a Public Health 3.0 model in the organization’s program planning, implementation, and monitoring. This model recognizes that building healthy communities where everyone can thrive requires strategic collaborations and a focus on upstream interventions to address social determinants of health to achieve health equity. NHPHA will continue working to cultivate a collective voice to foster healthy communities.

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Immunization Alliance August 2021 Update

by Tara Graham, Immunization Alliance Coordinator

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