What About Workforce? February 2020 Update

written by Andrea Guzman, Workforce Development Coordinator

The NHPHA Workforce Development Program had a great January with our Mentor Program Check-In Event and continuing to plan our Public Health Career Webinar and Food Insecurity Webinar.

Public Health Mentor Program

Last week, the New Hampshire Public Health Mentor Program gathered together in person for the first time since October! We are able to check in and reflect with both mentors and mentees about how they are feeling about the program. From mentees, we heard that mentors have been integral in guidance as far as networking opportunities, job shadowing, career strategizing, and advising on work/life balance. From mentors, we were told that they have learned from and feel inspired by their mentees. Mentors mentioned being able to help mentees think outside the box when looking at their career choices, help navigate career and education options, and provide valuable resources and connections.

This was followed by a workshop called "Creating a Joyful and Productive Workplace: Aligning Intergenerational Expectations," led by Sadhana Hall, Deputy Director of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth. The workshop began with identifying the various generations currently in the workplace and acknowledging some of the points of pride and points of frustration with different generational values and practices. The group then learned about some tools to help garner expectations and focus on common goals as well as reinforce the importance of respect and communication. The NHPHA was excited about the outcome of this workshop and hopes to continue working with Sadhana Hall.

The event ended with a mock networking activity, where program participants were able to interact with other people in the program and glean information about areas of public health outside of their own mentor or mentee.

The NHPHA is so grateful to Sadhana Hall and to all the participants in the Mentor Program for coming to the event and helping make it a success!

Pictured above is a word cloud that was generated from feedback from mentors
and mentees about their experience so far with this year's mentor program.

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