New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents participated in the 2018 Get Your Rear in Gear 5K to raise money to help fight colon cancer.

New Hampshire State Government Agency Resources

NH Department of Health and Human Services
New Hampshire DHHS is responsible for many of the regulatory, programmatic, and financial aspects of NH's health care system and plays a key role in the planning, delivery, and financing of health care.

NH Department of Environmental Services
The mission of the Department of Environmental Services is to help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting and restoring the environment and public health in New Hampshire.

NH Department of Safety
The Department of Safety enforces motor vehicle and highway safety laws, criminal laws, commercial vehicle regulations, fire safety, building and equipment safety laws and regulations, and boating safety laws and rules. They also provide enhanced 911 emergency communications statewide and are responsible for homeland safety and emergency management activities

NH Regional Public Health Networks
There are 13 Regional Public Health Networks (RPHNs) involving broad public health interests including local health departments and health officers, health care providers, social service agencies, schools, fire, police, emergency medical services, media and advocacy groups, behavioral health, and leaders in the business, government, and faith communities, working together to address complex public health issues.

Connecting New Hampshire to health data

UNH Institute for Health Policy and Practice
The Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) is an applied research institute located within the College of Health and Human Services at the University of New Hampshire. IHPP conducts and disseminates high-quality, cutting-edge applied research and policy work that enables health system partners to implement evidence-based strategies to improve population health.

New Hampshire Legislative Resources

NH Legislative Information
The official website of NH Government featuring links to the NH Senate and the NH Senate and the NH House of Representatives, as well as NH bills, laws, and resolutions.

NH Governor and Executive Council
Website for schedule and outcomes of meetings.

NH Senate Resolution on the Importance of Public Health
A 2002 resolution expressing the fundamental importance of public health to the people of New Hampshire

NH Public Health Statutes: Title X
Includes the main NH laws pertaining to public health

New Hampshire Nonprofit Public Health Organizations

Foundation for Healthy Communities
The Foundation for Healthy Communities is a nonprofit corporation that exists to improve health and health care and includes New Hampshire hospitals, health plans, clinicians, home care agencies, and public policy leaders. It was founded in 1968 by the New Hampshire Hospital Association as an educational and research organizations for hospitals.

NH Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health
NH COSH is a non-profit organization working since 1989 to (1) educate NH workers about occupational hazards and workers' rights, (2) help workers and unions get legal, technical, and educational services, and (3) advocate for occupational safety and workers' rights.

NH Community Health Institute
The Community Health Institute (CHI) is a nonprofit public health consulting and research firm committed to improving the health and well-being of people and communities in New Hampshire. We strive to assure the community conditions necessary to support people in their pursuit of health lives. We work with public and private sector clients to build capacity to carry out heath improvement initiatives designed to meet community needs. The CHI was established in 1995 by John Snow Research and Training Institute (JSI) in partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. JSI is the parent organization to CHI.

NH Health Data Inventory
The Health Data Inventory (HDI) is an inventory of health data sources and reports. It provides useful information about these sources and links to organizations that manage the data. The HDI is not a warehouse of raw data. The HDI provides information about data sources, including links to the data sets and reports, the dates of the most recent data available, the geographic level of the analysis, and contact information for the office that stewards the data set and/or distributes the report.

NH Oral Health Coalition
The mission of the NHOHC is to promote and attain optimal oral health for the people of New Hampshire through access to integrated and comprehensive health services.

NH Partnership for High Performance Schools
A program focused on creating energy efficient, healthy and economical K-12 public schools in New Hampshire.  Through new school design and construction methods, a high-performance school can improve test scores, eliminate indoor air quality programs, reduce asthma triggers, and create buildings that use less than half the energy of a code-built school thus reducing their impact on climate change.

NH Center for Public Policy Studies
Executive Director Steve Norton's presentation on the aging NH population and its potential effect on public health in New Hampshire: Download the presentation (PDF) here.

Municipal Health Departments

Manchester Health Department

Nashua Division of Public Health & Community Services

New Hampshire Area Health Education Centers

Dartmouth Institute Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
The Dartmouth Institute AHEC is a statewide network that improves health care and access particularly in rural and underserved areas by enhancing the health and public health workforce of the state.

Northern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
Northern NH AHEC promotes excellence in the health care system of northern New Hampshire through support of community and academic partnerships for training, continuing education, and access to information resources.

Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
Southern NH AHEC is a community-based organization currently serving Sullivan, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Strafford, Cheshire, and Rockingham counties.