Policy Positions

New Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA) adopts policy positions related to the critical functions of public health. These policy positions are designed to inform the public of critical areas that require public health attention (click on title to review policy.)

An important source to reference when discussing health and policies is Health in All Policies.

Equity and Health Outcomes

      Food Access and Public Health

      Public Health and Social Justice

      Child Health and Safety

      Health Equity for People with Disabilities

      NH's Aging Population and Public Health 

      Assuring the Quality and Accessibility of Health Services:

      Access to Appropriate Health Care and Social Services

      Integrated Health Care

      Mental Health

      Oral Health

      Sexual and Reproductive Health

      Public Health Infrastructure:

      Public Health Infrastructure

      Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

      Disease Management

      Infectious Diseases

      Monitoring Health Status

      Health Education and Promotion

Healthy Environments – Natural, Built, and Social

      Protecting against Environmental Hazards:

      Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke Exposure

      Food System and Public Health

      Indoor and Outdoor Built Environment

      Occupational Health 

      Air, Water, and Land

      Public Health and Climate Change

      Preventing Injuries:

      Unintentional Injury


      Gun Violence Prevention

Substance Misuse – Improving Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

      Substance Use Disorders and Substance Misuse