Workforce Development

Foundational to our work is our belief that all people in New Hampshire have fair and just opportunities that allow them to realize their full health potential. This is achieved by a strong public health system, with the capacity to support equitable health outcomes for everyone – regardless of where they live, learn, work, age, and play. We work steadfastly to incorporate this core value of equity into all we do, including advocacy and workforce development.

Carrying out the work of public health calls for a competent workforce. Nearly 40% of public health workers intend to leave the workforce by 2020, leaving us less prepared to carry out core public health services. One approach NHPHA is taking to address this is to establish a Public Health Mentoring Program.

NHPHA continues to expand its Rising Stars Program as well. The project connects academic partners, public health students, young professionals and employers through educational opportunities, recruitment, job fairs, internship, and mentoring programs.

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